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very long story short, theres this girl I speak to, I often catch her looking at me, side eyeing me and when she walks past me she locks eyes with me and holds it. I notice she peeks over at me as she's speaking to her group of friends or when i'm speaking to my group of friends, sometimes we lock eyes then too. But most of the time, she side eyes me. She side eyes me so matter how close or far we're sitting..  We do text, she responds pretty fast, but never texts me first.. she never answered me about being friends on snapchat. Around the time we first met she told me how she cut a girl off for that girl liking her. I feel like she could be in the closet, but i dont know how to take things further, even subtle-ly because of her semi-homophobic comment. I'm scared to even take it further as a normal friendship because I dont want to be cut off.. However, the confusing part is she is very nice to me We laugh, joke and talk. She has never said anything hateful towards me just for being gay..She actually always asks if i'm taking public transit home. Another time, she asked if i was doing anything after work...she kinda mummbled it so I didnt answer ( I thought she was on the phone at first, then realized she wasnt) when I didn't answer, she just walked away real quickly.
It has crossed my mind that maybe me being lesbian intimidates her, so she looks at me to make sure i'm not checking her out or anything, but I feel like that could be contradictory considering she is very nice to me& always texts me back within a 2-4 minute time. hope that made sense.

Since she already tried to ask if you were busy after work that day, she's done the hard part. I would ask her sometime soon if she wants to get a drink or hang out after work. I would also casually joke with her "so you said that you cut that other girl off for liking you...would you do that to me?" This way if she says yes, you know where you stand, but you're not coming right out and saying you like her, you're more or less just asking if you'd still be friends so you're covered.
Good luck!!

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