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So, I like this guy and he does too, but I'm confused about something. So let's say that you and the guy  have kissed, and had sexual experiences with each other, and one day you're having a conversation with him, getting to know each other  a little and about school, and he says "I think this guy likes you. Would you go and talk to him?" And you reply by saying something like "No, I would still talk to you." He replies "Great answer." Does anyone know why a guy would ask that? I'm a little curious about it. Also, I've overheard him raging a little to a friend about a person taking his phone. When I told him "We have yet to text or call.", during the conversation, he told me the same thing. I asked him if we'll keep in contact, and he shaked his head "yes". He said it will be the same number. Should I be worried, about him not contacting me again, based on these circumstances? And if that question of his has any significance? I'm a little insecure about him never contacting me again.

Hi Thomas, it's nice to hear from you.

I'd like to start by apologizing for the delay in my response, I'm very sorry for it.

I'm not completely sure why your crush would ask you that question. Maybe he asked and replied that way to get a feel on how much of a priority he is to you. It's possible he could have asked because he was joking around and was trying to be witty and funny. Next time he asks you a question similar to that, I suggest you mess with him and flirt a little bit. If he asks you to talk to a guy because he thinks he likes you, try replying with "Aww, are you tired of me already?" or something else you can come up with that's playful.

I'm not sure if he'll contact you again or not, only he knows for sure (and to be fair, he may be working some things out on his side too). If he's planning on phasing you out of his life, the sooner it happens the better. You may not like that idea but you'll be more able to put your time and energy into someone with whom you may be more compatible with. I suggest you text him a couple times but if he doesn't respond (or put any effort in the conversation such as asking how you are) then that's a big hint to move on.

Feel free to send me a follow-up and tell me how everything went, or if I could help in some other way.
Josh :)

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