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This guy says to leave him alone, because I would stare at him, try to be near him as much as possible. But, ever since this Monday , I think he's been looking at me. One time in class, I saw him facing my direction, with his friends near him, talking to them. At lunch, I saw a few of his friends looking at me, so I think he was talking about me with them. When lunch ended, I saw him facing my direction, with a friend, so I think he was talking about again.Today, in home room (we have it together) I saw him looking at me twice. One when I was sitting down, and another time when I got near the door, ready to start my first class of the day. Also, after leaving him alone for awhile, I found out he has no issue talking to me. Any thoughts?

Hi Thomas, it's nice to hear from you.

First and foremost, if anyone asks you to leave them alone for any reason you should do it and let them make the next move (if there ever is one). It sounds like that's what you did, but I just want to make sure I mentioned it.

If you think he wants to chat with you then you could look busy around him when you two are alone and see if he takes the opportunity to say hi.

I'm not sure if this guy is bi, gay or if he's straight and just wants to be friendly sometimes. However, the following would be advice for someone who would be also into guys that you'd be interested in (which to be fair, may or may not be him).

If you stare at a guy and try to be near him as much as possible (your words) to the point where he's asking you to leave him alone; at the very least it sounds like you’re a little on the obvious side. Try learning some flirting techniques so you got a little bit of game. Instead of staring at him all the time, try chatting with him and give him a really big smile (to the point where you have wrinkles on the side of your eyes), make some funny jokes, laugh at his, sing out loud to music around you, etc. Give him an opportunity to see your fun side so he wants to be around you even more.

Good Luck with everything, but I'm sure you won't need it.
If I can help any further or could clarify something please feel free to send me a follow-up message.

Josh :)

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