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I am a woman and 4 heard ago I was in love with another woman who was also single and was new to The work place due to work order. She also lover me. She said she would never dump me and would take me with her wherever she would go. She is living with her single sister. But after 5/6 Months she was again transfer red. Initial ly she would answer my call S but later she said that my addiction was one way and asked why I had called her. I am a person with physical defect and unable to get married. I have no daring to call her any more  she only replies happy new year message. She now works in another city.i want to live with her for life . Help me.

Hello Pin,

Sounds like you got dumped honey. The best advice I can give you is to move on. You don't want someone who doesn't want you...that never works out.  Give her the respect of space, she has said she is not interested, so leave her be. Give yourself time to heal and move on...and remember sweetie, desperation is never sexy. Good Luck.

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