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I just came out at school that I'm a lesbian and some of my friends don't believe me.They are asking me have you experimented with both sexes or just one.The thing is that i don't want to experiment with both, boys aren't attracted to me as much as girls are.How can i make them believe that I am a true lesbian.Another question is, how do i tell my guardians that i am a lesbian considering that there really racist.They don't like gays or lesbians will they not treat me the same any more.

Hello Alyssa and thank you for your question-

Firstly, let me just say that you are very brave to have come out to your friends. I would advise you not to tell your guardians just yet. Firstly, I don't know how old you are- if you are close to getting to adult age, then wait to tell them. People don't always react positively to the bravery and honesty of someone coming out and I'm guessing your guardians will make your life pretty miserable if you share this very personal aspect of yourself with them. Instead, see if you can find either an adult you trust or look for a youth GLBT support group or hotline in your area to confide in and talk about feelings with. Don't worry too much about convincing your friends you're a might have an adverse effect if you keep trying to prove it. Just be who you are, talk about other things and don't be so concerned with proving your sexuality.

Gay/Lesbian Issues

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