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hi sir , Is It wrong to change my sexuality from gay to stright and Is It possible ?
and do I lie to myself when I say I can't forget my first love and love again ?
thanks u reply very fast and I really need that because I am burning on the inside until I read the answer .

No professional organization today believes that "changing" sexuality from one extreme to the other is possible at all.  You have to remember that emotion is different from logic.  So, what you feel right now with pain and heartache is real, but it isn't rational to say that you will never love again.  It is true you won't ever forget your first love, but it is likely not true that you will never love again.

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Sometimes a person feels that he or she cannot accept being gay because of his religion or his culture. I can answer questions related to religion, coming out, and society/culture in either English or Spanish.


I am a gay Christian who has lived in both the U.S. and Mexico. I was raised Southern Baptist.

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