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Over the last few years, apart from the marriage issue, I have noticed an increased acceptance and even promotion of gays in the media.
When I lived in Europe, no one was concerned about your sex preference, in England many gay celebrities were fondly regarded.
When I moved to Canada, the gay marriage issue went un-noticed except for a few religious nuts, and the few celebrities we have, no one commented on wheter they were gay-even the obvious ones.
I watch a lot of US cable TV, and gays are all over the place.
Is this a new fad because its cool to be gay or have a gay friend now?

Hello Bud and thank you for your question-

I don't believe that you are experiencing a new "fad" rather than the media catching up with reality in a time when it is now acceptable to reflect the diversity that exists in the world through the use of gay characters. Indeed, I agree with you that Europe has always been a lot more "lower" key in regards to reacting to a person's sexuality but unfortunately, that's not how American culture is. I do think it is really cool to be proud of who you are and to embrace the diversity in others and if that it is a "fad", as you suggest, I hope it continues. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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