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QUESTION: OK I like my ex gf a lot and when we have sex I would think about guys and gay stuff to get hard and I think she's pretty but she put stuff in my butt and I liked it and got turned on and I like watching and thinking of gay stuff it turns me on am I gay or what is it plz help...

ANSWER: hello-
Only you can answer whether you're gay or not. Fantasizing about gay sex and enjoying anal sex doesn't make you automatically gay-lots of straight people have fantasies like yours and enjoy anal sex. The best questions to ask yourself; are you attracted to men, do you develope romantic feelings for your male friends and have you ever acted on your fantasies? If you answered yes to any of these, I would suggest that you need to explore your soul a bit more.Usually, you know, deep down inside , if you are gay. Being gay is more than a fantasy or a particular sexual act. Have you talked about this with your girlfriend? There are so many pressures around sexuality in all societies, and additional pressure and guilt that comes from our family and friends, so I understand if your head is spinning right now. If you are worried or confused about what you're feeling inside, find a good counselor that can help you work through your feelings. Be honest with yourself at all times, and take it slow. You'll figure it out and regardless of where you land, there will be support available to you, you just need to seek it out. Good luck.

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QUESTION: I do find guys attractive but I only find girls pretty like when they wear a cute outfit what am i

Hello bren-

I would say you are in need of soul searching...your answer lies within. Don't be hung up on labeling yourself, or trying to put who you are in a box- live your life, love who you want and be loyal and honest to yourself...therin you'll find your answer. Good luck darling...

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