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Both female she is divorced but in a relationship.Has got grown-up kids.
i started to feel akward around her because sometimes she gives me the look(not a dirty one :)just a really strong eye contact like i could feel it in my bones) and say things out of the blue,i do catch her looking at me sometimes when i dont.we are just collegues not friends.She was doing me favour the other day and said at the end that see u r always in my mind,another time she called me my little love at the end of our conversation.In the past she was teasing me too with silly things,sometimes she ignores me too.i really do not know what to think of her does she like me??I never had feelings for same sex so what if she fancies me?

Dear Lara:

It is impossible for me to tell whether these are simply feelings of friendship or something more.  The problem is that without a clear signal any misstep on your part will result in her pulling away or feeling awkward in front of you.

The bigger question is whether you have feelings for her?  If so, can you ever see yourself being physically intimate?  If the answer to both of these questions is "yes" then sit and wait for a clearer signal before taking any action on your feelings.  If the answer is "no" to either, then just enjoy the friendship.  If something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, then speak up.

I wish there was better advice that I could impart, but at this point I see it as a time of waiting and observing.



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