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Alright, i have a male teacher that i think is gay, but I can't tell for sure.
I think he's been looking at me because whenever I look up we lock eyes.
And whenever he's behind his desk sitting he'll be looking at me and grab his crotch, and I think he's doing it just so I can see it.
Can you help?

Hi Ian-
Thank you for your question. Firstly, gay or straight, a teacher is expected to be first and foremost a professional, trustworthy, mentor and advocate to their students. There are many wonderful teachers, both gay and straight, who would never engage in this type of behavior. I don't know if you're teacher is gay, but if he is behaving that way, it is very wrong and unethical- just as much as it would be if you were a female student or if he were a female teacher. The behavior has nothing to do with gay or straight, but it does have everything to do with ethics. If I were you, I would report the behavior, even if you in some way, are enjoying the exchange- Please find a teacher, guidance counselor or adult that you trust and tell someone about this. If you are uncomfortable with telling someone, write an anonymous letter to the principal, but do something. If you are struggling with your sexuality, find a counselor...there are many support groups for students that can get you to a counselor who will keep your discussions confidential and help you to work through feelings you may be having. Good luck darling and thank you for having the courage to reach out about this.

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