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Gay/Lesbian Issues/is this a crush or is she just being friendly?


So i went out on a limb with my crush and did the following?

this cashier always cheesiz and grins and smiles everytime she sees me shes sometimes shy and reserved...well one day i caught her staring at me and looking

i went out on a limb and wrote her a note it said the following....

"im going to get straight to the point, I want to get to know you better, you seem like a laid back cool female I wouldn't mind getting to know you outside of work, so if you are interested call me or text me ..."

the girl smiled at me with a big cheesy grin and said thank you but hasn't contacted me yet
my friend told me to ask her for her number......cuz obviously there is a crush here and she is extremely shy

I gave her the note on 3/13/2013 and on 3/15/2013 I went back and boy was he happy as hellllll, she kept smiling and staring then look away......then she left her customers to go get water as soon as she seen me she was like oh my god and she started blushing....she wouldn't even look at me... shes never left her register before...... she hasnt called me at all..i went to the store 4/7/2013 and she was happy she spoke smiling, i went back again on 4/8/2013 and she was in the ilse with the district manager and boy when she seen me she was EXTRA HAPPY SHE waved at me with both hands, fingers curled inward just cheesing and showin all 32 teeth, ......i dunno if I should just be more upfront and ask her for her number or leave it alone she just EXTREMELY SHY? am i reading this all wrong and shes just being friendly or does she has a HUGE crush on me....and wants me to ask her for her number

i just found out that shes a pastors daughter...oh btw way im a female also and my brother likes her also but he hasnt been as blunt as me nor does he get as much attention as i do from her

Hello Vanessa-

I don't know if your cashier girl has a crush but it certainly sounds like you might have one-
At this point, you put the ball in her court by giving her your phone number and have given her several opportunities to approach. Leave it at that. If she is interested, she will call or strike up a conversation with you. Be careful not to get all creepy with this girl by visiting, staring and repeatedly asking her out, that's a huge turn off and could be scary for some people. My advice,have fun but play it cool and if she's interested you'll know. Don't read into her friendliness or smiling, lots of people are happy & friendly and it isn't always about an attraction, she may just be a nie person. Good luck darling.

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