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theres this chic at my old job that ive never seen before in my life..anyway, she really wanted to get to know my name, cuz she kept running into me and was like whats your name, and I know ive seen you around her, do you work for THS I said no, I used too....and she was like im serena....i told her my (mind you she wasnt wearing a wedding ring at all), shes cute, tall, etc.....anyway when im around people she wont talk to me, but shell talk to everyone else...or shell say hello to the group but wont look at me, shell look at everyone else....she keeps smiling at me like shes hiding something...or shell have an upset look on her face if I dont acknowledge her...i seen her today, and I was with my ride walkin and she said bye but looked at my ride not ride told me shes married and her husband makes good money, not that I care......i think shes hiding something....she has an odd attitude towards me, like HI SASHA with a big azz smile or a smirk....ive caught her staring at my azz and at me up and down a few times smiling....i think this chic is bi or something...cuz her behavor aint normal....well not towards me its not....whats your take?  thanks

Hi Sasha, thanks for your message.

My honest take on it is that since I haven't met this person it would be unfair and unethical to read her intentions. Guessing on my end is pure speculation - and I can be 100% wrong - and even gossipy. If you are really interested in her intentions consider being upfront and calling her on her behavior towards you. Here's a few pointers... but come at it with an open mind and not push her up against the corner where she feels she needs to be defensive:

- Hey Serena. I feel that you won't talk with me when we're around other people. I could be wrong or misinterpreting something but I thought to ask what your take on that is.
- Hey Serena. I noticed you got upset the other day when__________. Was there something I did to upset you?
- Hey Serena. My ride and I passed you and I felt ignored by you. Was there something up?

Let's not speculate but articulate how you feel and give her a chance to respond - maybe she doesn't realize her actions towards you. Only then will you know if she's hiding something. Maybe it's a crush, maybe not. But when she's given the opportunity to be upfront and honest with you, you can judge what you want to do with that.

Hope this message helps.  

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Malone, R. (2010). "ShoutOut Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Heterosexism." Rainbow Resource Centre. Winnipeg, Canada. Malone, R. et al (2010). "Your Questions Answered. Gender Identity in Schools." Public Health Agency of Canada. Ottawa, Canada.

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