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Never since a week before my 17th I had a dream that I was naked and that I was on my bed with a naked guy to and we started making out and then out of no where the guy turned into a naked girl and I woke up from that dream so scared and I didn't like it at all! And ever since then I have been having this thoughts that might be lesbian but I know that I'm not but it keeps scaring. When ever I go out I found that I alway check out other girls but I don't think it is that I want to have sex with her I think that it is because I am jealous of her body (I'm a bigger girl) and I have also never had sex before and I think that might be why I am having these thoughts but I don't know. It's just scaring me so much that some times I want to hurt myself. But sometimes I think I have these thoughts is bc I am around so many gay people at work. But also when I see myself getting marring to a guy NOT a girl but it just scaring me so much pls help me!!

Dear Jaclyn,

I apologize for the tardy response, but wish to place your mind at ease.   Please do not hurt yourself.  Your feelings are understandable and you are not alone.  The subconscious manifests a variety of things through images. The dream could have been about power dynamics, not paying attention to detail at work, wanting one thing and getting something else, and so on.

Dreams are not literal.  There have been studies that show that a number of heterosexuals have same sex fantasies or dreams.  Just because you dreamed about making out with a woman doesn't mean that you are a lesbian.  

Please see:

It's easy to fall into the trap of having to know the answer or boxing yourself into a particular label.  I've been there and it's easy to spin round and round inside your head.  The best advice that I can give you is to take a deep breath and let the dreams be just that, dreams.  If it feels good at the time, just roll with it.  If it doesn't, then getting upset will wake you up.  Don't let being "a bigger girl" limit your options.  There are plenty of folks who love us for who we are and how we are.

If these dreams or concerns continue to plague you to the point that they are interfering with your happiness or ability to live your life, then it might be helpful to seek the services of a counselor or therapist.  For now, just give yourself permission to let your thoughts and dreams go where they will.



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