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Hello there,
there is something that has been vothering me for a Little time now and I would just like to have an independent opinion on it.

There is this friend of mine, we are both girls. We met in uni in october. I'm 18, she is 20. We have grown very close by now and are almost best friends.
Now the weird things: We have been joking around for quite a while about liking each other etc. When we are with other people or alone we tend to tease each other under the table with our feet or start carressing each other's leg or arms. So sometimes when we are with another friend or something she starts tickling my knee and leaving her hand there or starts tickling my arm in public. I do so too.
Sometimes there is even some dirty talking going on. ;) We don't even care if there is someone else in near.
We love spending time with each other and we like strolling through the park together etc. When we are going through the city we interlock our arms and walk together. We even joked about being in a relationship.
When I'm at her place, which is more than I even am at my place, we sleep in her bed together which is not small or sth so that is no Problem. When we don't see each other she writes me how her bed feels empty and I feel the same.
People are even starting to think that we are a couple, e.g. my mum...

Now there's the thing that we are both straight. At least we always thought so. And we still do.

What is that relationship of ours? Is that a normal one?
What is that?

Please answer!
Thank you,

Dear Marie,

Only you can answer your question about your sexuality -- and sometimes one doesn't come into acceptance until later in life.  However, you and your friend seem both convinced that you are just joking around and having fun with each other.  You don't seem to indicate that either of you have romantic or sexual feelings for each other.  So, probably it is what you say it is -- just two very good friends that enjoy each other's companionship (but not in the sense of wanting to be lovers).  Is it normal?  No -- it is unique and a very special friendship which I think is a good thing to celebrate.  She may be your best friend for life, even if you both marry men :)

Best wishes,

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