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i frequent my bank, and there is a new teller there and ive notice she is always eager to help me and if I don't go to her window she gets upset and wont speak to me, or if I don't speak to her she gets I called the bank and boy was she extra happy...I can feel her just smiling in the background....wth...should I ask her what's up or just leave it alone? my bro thinks she is prolly bi and has a crush on me....she is younger than me I do know that much.....and she comes off as freaky.....what do u all think is she just being friendly or does she like me like? not an outdoorsy person but I wouldn't mind chillin with her...well on Monday 02/22/2016 I gave her a note with my name and number on it and it said we should hang out and I gave it to her and left the bank, I had heard she was quitting so I said what the heck...cant win if you don't try and if it doesn't work out I didn't miss out anything....I was wondering is what I did too forward? and od u think I have a shot....thanks

Dear Mariyah,

It is difficult for me to tell whether she likes you or not.  At the moment, I am trying not to judge her for what sounds to me like acting out at work.  You were there as a customer, after all.

You took the plunge by giving her your number.  Based on the signals that you were getting, I do not think that it was too forward.  You didn't say anything that was or could have been considered inappropriate. If she was  your co-worker, it would be a different story.

I suspect that the odds are good that she will call, but I can't be sure.

Best of luck,


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