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i frequent my bank, and there is a new teller there and ive notice she is always eager to help me and if I don't go to her window she gets upset and wont speak to me, or if I don't speak to her she gets I called the bank and boy was she extra happy...I can feel her just smiling in the background....wth...should I ask her what's up or just leave it alone? my bro thinks she is prolly bi and has a crush on me....she is younger than me I do know that much.....and she comes off as freaky.....what do u all think is she just being friendly or does she like me like? not an outdoorsy person but I wouldn't mind chillin with her...well on Monday 02/22/2016 I gave her a note with my name and number on it and it said we should hang out and I gave it to her and left the bank, I had heard she was quitting so I said what the heck...cant win if you don't try and if it doesn't work out I didn't miss out anything....I was wondering is what I did too forward? thanks

Greetings Mariyah,

Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you for the courage of reaching out to the teller with a note. You did your best to read her cues and you proactively went for it. Bravo to you!

Now regards to whether she is being friendly or likes you more than friendship is very difficult to determine unless it comes directly from her. From your message it sounds like the ball is now in her court to contact you to establish a connection outside of her work.

I recommend not to make assumptions and enjoy the journey of having a new person in your life. Who knows where it may lead. It can get awfully complicated if we create a story about that person's feelings before we to know from them what their situation is (or what it can be). Keep your self open to whatever possibilities. If she does end up contacting you, at minimum, you have chance of becoming friends.  

So to answer your "is what I did too forward" question, I don't believe so. I think you did what you thought was reasonable at the time and now it's up to her whether she'll take you up on you reaching out.

I hope that helps ease some of your thoughts.  

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