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Hello Gary,

I just recently graduated from college and I decided that I finally wanted to come out to my family. Up until this point, the only two people I've told are my mom and my best friend and when I was talking with my mom about how I was going to tell the rest of the family, she offered to "accidentally" tell them for me since she could see that I was extremely nervous about the whole thing.

My question is do you think this is an appropriate way for me to let my family know or do you think I should bite the bullet and tell everyone myself?

Hi Ryan,

I 100% think you should tell everyone yourself. I'm sure your mother's heart is in the right place with her idea because I'm sure she feels it will take the burden off of you. But the right thing to do is to tell them yourself.

People that love you now will love you just as much if not more when they know who you really are. The people that don't accept it are not worth having in your life anyway.

Good luck!

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I can answer questions about coming out as well as dealing with the death of a partner or spouse. I am very compassionate and caring and will often rely on my own life experiences of coming out and loss of a loved one to help others. Losing someone you love is never easy and being in a gay relationship can often add to that feeling of isolation and loneliness.


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