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Hi ,
My name is Murs.I have been alone for a long time.But recently I found one guy from the internet.And when we were talking I just mentioned that I am just looking for a hangout(which is not true )Later He said that if I want we can meet somewhere  to get to know each other and we did.We went to movie theatre and later I went his home .We just talked a little about my gay life how I lost my virginity and his relationship life.Later we just began to kiss and it just happened (Sex). I just suppose he will not text me it was just one time but he did.And It was second time we were watching a movie at his place he just didn't exactly watched movie for the first part because he was actually focused on me...In the middle of the movie we had sex again .And when I was going I wanted to kiss him again like last time he just looked like didn't care about that it got cheek kiss.Please help me about that ...I want really serious Long Term Relationship but I don't know he wants that or not,He is older than me but it is actually not a problem for me ...I am 18 he is 29.I don't know I am doing right or not.I liked him.It was my first time that I felt like this.But I am just suspecting that he is just hanging out not looking for something serious maybe because of my age. or something else ?How can I do that I want him I Anna hangout with him but I want to named what we are doing ...Please help me thanks

Hi Murs,

I am very sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My email was not working properly so I would like to apologize for that.

It sounds to me like this person does not want a serious relationship. It sounds like he just wants a "friend with benefits" kind of realtionship (i.e. hang out now and then and have sex).

My advice to you is to be open and honest with him about what you want and expect out of the relationship and if it is not what he wants then you should move on. You are still young and may find someone that wants more of the type of relationship that you are looking for and it doesn't sound like that is what this person wants.

If you do ask him honestly there is also the chance he may just want more time to get to know you and to see where the relationship is going. But I wouldn't wait to long for that. If he only wants to watch movies and fool around then he may not be into anything more like going out on dates or having a serious realtionship. If that's the case you may want to find someone else that can give you what you need in a relationship to be happy.

I wish you much luck on your decision.

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