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I am a man who is sure of his gay orientation and has decided to start dating,but I want to avoid anal sex. How can I tell the person that I'm attracted to or about to date that I like all gay sex positions ,but I don't want to engage in Anal sex? what are the chances that he is still going to have sex with me or stay in a relationship?

Hi Manuch

You may be surprised how many other gay guys feel exactly the same way, and it won't be nearly as hard as you think to find someone who is perfectly okay with that, and will still want to date you.

You discuss this the same way you negotiate any sexual specifics. When the time feels right in the relationship, you just talk about it. If things are looking like you're going to move into high gear and you haven't yet talked about it, and you don't want to ruin the moment, simply allow yourself to enjoy whatever it is you're willing to engage in, and if your partner makes a move that would indicate he wants anal sex, you can simply decline with a polite "not yet" and proceed with enjoying yourself, until you can talk with him about it later.

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