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Hi Ted,

I am here once again to seek your unbiased opinion. below is the link of our last communication so that you have a fair idea what was going on in the past.

The thing is after his repeated cheating I could not trust him and broke up with him again and again. And third time I stood for myself and cut all the contacts. Its been two months that i haven't contacted him even once. Its he who keep on texting and letting me know that how miserable he and his life has became since I left him. He said "I am unable to have sex since you have taken away my hard on. I tried dating guys but cant keep you out of my mind. you are a heartless person that you making me suffer so much." He is begging me to come back. Yesterday, after returning with my friend from a party he caught us on way and implore to give him a chance to talk. Finally for the first time he confessed that he made a mistake and realize that how much pain he caused to me. He promised that he will not stray out ever and will always be mine. He asked me to gave him one more chance to make things work out. He said.. "I will make you happy and we will have a wonderful life together." He apologize to my flatmate also for blaming her the cause of break up. He kept on crying and finally I told him that I would think about it. I admit that I still have feelings for him but the trust has gone into drain completely. Though I want to believe that he really means whatever promises he is making yet find it hard to trust.

In the past he never accepted that what he did falls under the category of cheating since it was just "fixing a sex date but didn't do him", "phone sex with some random guy", "offering a long drive in the middle of the night to some other guy who he chatted on a dating site for the first time", "getting suc**d by one of his friend" (all these incident are something I know of and have proofs. Its not hard to believe if there were more).

Now he says that all the above said things were cheating and he would not do that again. I don't understand what to do in this situation. If it would be his one time cheating I wouldn't mind giving second chance.

Ted, you deal with such people. I am sure you know if they ever change. What is the best i can do in this situation? What is the best you would do in such a situation?

Thanking you in anticipation

People can and do change, but not quickly. Personalities evolve over long periods of time, and people do tend to become responsible and considerate of others with age. But you're not talking about a long period of time here, and I don't think it's sufficient for him to have experienced a genuine change of heart and habits. I think he's simply lying. Don't fall for it.  

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