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is my friend gay/likes me??ok,am not comfortable of telling people am gay so even when am writing this am freaking out!!their is Friendd of mine i met him like five months ago,am gay and nobody knows at all;he is so kind to me and lovely most of the time when talking to me doesn't look straight in the eyes he had an ex girl who dumped him and doesn't talk about girls with me once we were like a meeting every now and then he looks at me and smile last week we went to a famous artist concert he was sitting next and even when every body was standing up and i couldn'tt see he offered to hold me on his shoulders to see he always put his arm on my shoulders and shake me he tells me he do it for close friends he showed where and his gf used to kiss and once we were talking a sang a song out the blue that talks about a frinds and hiding love from them but i dont say him casualy he gets busy so am confused is he gay and in to me or its just being intimate??

Hi vevo

This is a really common situation and a really frustrating one as well.  From what you've described, my first instinct is that he is not gay, but rather just has a very warm, friendly personality. He mentioned several times how he talks about his ex-girlfriend. This is not something I would do if I were interested in someone new.  However, the information you provided is fairly limited, so it is possible there is more to it that I'm not aware of. But if that's the total of what causes your suspicion, I'd say you're probably seeing wht you he to see, rather than what is real.  

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