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Hi, I'm 14 years old.. I'm confused about my sexual orientation.
I think I'm Gay.. But I always had a soft spot for a 2 specific girls.. a year ago I had a very close friend, who I had a crush on.. I told him that I thought that I was Bi.. and he reacted weird and sometimes he talks with hate but it's like he still wants to be my best friend.. last week I heard him telling other girls that I was Gay. He is telling one of my biggest secrets.. and when I was younger I had 'sex' with my older brother.. I'm in-love with him now too.. If I look at a guy's eyes sometimes I start to cry and I am feeling very depressed, sad and Lonely.. Me and my brother stopped having fun together about 2 years ago.. I'm going crazy, I want and need a boyfriend, that I can love and trust.. I'm not out and I think if I'll ever be I'll destroy my singing career. Please help me.. I lost fun in many things that I used to do.. Please Help Me, What shall I do.. ?


I'm not sure what your actual question is but if you are trying to figure out if you are gay or not then I would suggest you seek professional help immediately.

What you are doing with your brother is considered incest and that is not a topic I care to comment on so I urge you to seek help from an adult family member or a trusted adult at your school. I would also suggest this is something you may want to talk to your doctor about.

You need to get professional help that I am not able to give you via email so I urge you to talk to a counselor or social worker at your school as soon as possible.


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I can answer questions about coming out as well as dealing with the death of a partner or spouse. I am very compassionate and caring and will often rely on my own life experiences of coming out and loss of a loved one to help others. Losing someone you love is never easy and being in a gay relationship can often add to that feeling of isolation and loneliness.


I have worked closely with Mass Equality to fight for the right for people of all genders and lifestyles to get married. I have also participated in many LGBT Grief Support Groups.

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