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First off, what would qualify as a "gay" tourist destination? lol. And to my main question. Is it considered wrong to make assumptions on whether or not someone is gay? Not that it would necessarily change ones relationship to said person, but to me anyway it seems kind of obvious most of the time when someone is certainly gay or certainly not gay. And of course some gay men will claim to have "gay-dar." lol. I think people have assumed Richard Simons to be gay for decades even though he has made a point to never even to this day mention what his sexuality is. Is it wrong to assume that someone might be gay? Maybe for the sake of sensitivity it might be good to know if a friend might be gay in the case of making dirty jokes about women that would be unrelatable to him? And lastly, why does it seem that many gay men have a kind of lisp when they speak? I knew someone in middle school who at the time hadn't come out who spoke commonly, but after he came out appeared to have developed a kind of lisp. From that I would want to assume it isn't a genetic thing, but maybe a gay cultural thing?

Hi James

Many people who think that they can tell who is gay and who is not are making a broad assumption that they can tell based on who ACTS gay. What they don't realize is that there are many more men out there who are gay, but whom they would never suspect. Not everyone who is gay acts gay. I would even say those who act "gay" are in the minority, based on my circle of friends. There are certainly some that are obvious. But not everyone who is gay is obvious.

It is safest to always assume that SOMEONE within earshot may be gay, and therefore to speak respectfully at all times.

As for why some gay men have a lisp... I have no idea. It does seem to be true, but I can't explain that one.

As to your secondary question, there are a LOT of gay tourist destinations. Basically, any place that either has a high concentration of gay people (San Francisco, Provincetown, Ibiza) or that are exceedingly gay friendly (New England, the Scandinavian countries, Puerto Vallarta). In contrast, there are others that are definitely NOT gay friendly, such as Jamaica, Egypt or India.

Hope that helps.  

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