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He never smiles but when he's with me that's all he does, he talks to me while he smiles. I ask him a question he smiles and he's always looking into my eyes. I feel as though when we are talking we're whispering. He found that I was gay and he loves asking me questions about it. I answer them but it's weird becasue he asks so many about it. He tells me I'm very likeable. He tells me so many deep things about his past. He say's he could never be gay. But then he does some of these things like makes things for me (nothing important) and one time I told him that his EXgirlfriend asked me if he was attrative and he smiled and asked me what I said back to her. He tells me he hates woman and doesn't trust them at all. And he also told me his favorite movies are TWLIGHT. and I just get vib that he likes me... What do you think?

I think he likes the attention and doesn't care if its from men or women, but you have to believe him when he says he's not gay and couldn't be gay. I think you're looking too hard for signs that he may be interested in you. I don't think that's the case. Either way, I encourage you to seek out a relationship that isn't so complicated... Like one with a man who acknowledges he is gay! :-)

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