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I am a 62 year old married man who has been dealing with my sexual orientation for a long time. When I think of myself as being gay I get a good feeling all over. This feeling started 7 years ago and has been getting stronger.When I think I am straight I get depressed. Have taken a number of quizzes online and I always want to score towards gay side. Haven't had sex in 15 years. Masturbate every night while thinking of gay sex. Only gay porn, straight porn doesn't do anything any more. Question is am I really gay after all these years or is it diversion from my monotonous life.

Hi Monty

While it's unusual to come to this realization so late in life, it's not entirely unheard of either. But based on all the evidence you've provided, and how you find fulfillment only through gay identity and activities, I would say it is real. I think your straight married life for all those years was the real diversion. It was a diversion that kept you from exploring your feelings. Now that you've become comfortable doing so, you've found your true self.

Best wishes on your new self awareness!


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