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Gay Life/high = queer question


I am married and live a straight life.
Why is it that every time I smoke crack I
have an irresistible and overwhelming
desire to suck cock?

Hey Watash!

Drugs, especially uppers, lower your inhibitions and allows your mind to be much more accepting to ideas they you normally wouldn't attempt.  Since it sounds like you have this 'issue' in your mind a lot of the time as well, it bothers you, it is also right in front of your subconscious when you get high, and you are more likely to act upon those 'recent' memories and ideas in your head.  Drugs also make you highly sexual.  Then there's also the concept that gay sex seems to be safer, no girls to get pregnant, it's sometimes seen by straight people as not 'really sex' but rather 'fooling around'.  Combine all of these concepts, and you can see why you're more likely to want to go down on a dude when you're high.

Lesson: Don't get high, if you don't want to suck your friend's cock one evening by mistake and mess up a perfectly good friendship and probably crash your marriage as well ;-)


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Adriaan Pretorius


Any questions on how to come out, handling people close to you, handling the pressures of being gay in society, going out, seeking a partner, etc. are welcome. I live in South Africa and may have a unique perspective on gay live, as gays do not live openly and have been scorned for a long time here. If you need to speak to someone, and no one wants to listen, I will try my best to be a friend when you have none.


I am a gay male who have lived the life as someone that had to hide it from everyone for a long time until coming out some years back. I know how it feels to be 'in' and 'out' and have had diverse experiences in relationships. I have had friends who hated gay life, gay bashers, friends who understood me.

I have a postgraduate degree in Science. I have worked together with and currently work with homosexual and heterosexuals in my environment.

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