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Is it ok to be gay?

How do you know if you are gay? Is there a test?

I like musicals and love gay art and movies, does it make me gay to like these things?

How can I tell?

Hey Troy,

First of all, is it ok to be gay?

Of Course it is!

Regardless of where you live or who you are, I believe it is always ok. Be that gay, straight, bi-sexual - anything!

Some places around the world are not accepting of this unfortunately and most (not all) religions frown upon gay people. Sometimes people are born into families that do not accept gay people and when they grow up and realise they are gay, well it can be very difficult to tell anyone and some of them never say anything and hide it.

Being gay, is like having green eyes, not everyone has green eyes - the same way not everyone is gay. Also people sometimes say that being gay is a choice - it is as much a choice as choosing your eye colour when you are born. It is ridiculous to think that way, no one chooses - they merely are.

About knowing if you are gay, well have a think about what you like in a potential partner, do you like a man or female? If you are still a little confused, think about what makes you feel more aroused shall we say. Look at both sexes and see if anything makes you feel some sort of attraction to them. Be it a man or a woman, whatever you choose, do it because you want to. Not what society says is right.

Unfortunately there is not test, but how fantastic would that be? Answer some questions and BAM - yes or no.

The only way to know is to see what interests you and like I said before, what you find attractive in either sex.

So you think that musicals and art make someone gay? Absolutely not. Liking musicals or art can merely show you are interested in a certain or most cultures, that is a fantastic thing you get to experience more if you are open minded and embrace new and different things, although some people will tell you that it "makes" you gay - liking things such as Cher or Madonna, Lady Gaga or art or musicals does not define sexuality.

Be yourself, go out, experience a gay bar or club or go to a pride parade if they have them where you are from, a lot of straight people go to those along with a lot of gay people, and it can be a really fun time to see and experience new things - you only get one chance at life, so go out there and see what is on offer - you never know, you could be gay or straight or bisexual - but whatever you happen to be.. it doesn't matter as long as you are happy.

All the best

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I can help with your questions about coming out, dealing with people after coming out, relationships and how to handle the community with being gay and dealing with life after and before coming out, the thing is that, you don't need to do any of this alone.


Being a gay male myself, I have already experienced coming out, having to deal with family, friends, the world etc. I have dated before and have had bad experiences that I would like other people to avoid. Also trying to deal with school while I was there.

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