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reciently i have been viewing cukhold and tranny web sights, i am married but my sex life is boring, i have convinced my wife to snowball me only a few times and i have licked my cum off her tits, she wont use a strapon on me, i have visited 2 trannys the 1st time was an amazing experence, the 2nd was ok, i enjoy a bit of cbt as well, i enjoyed the cock sucking and the penetration, also the taboo of the experence,

i dont consider myself gay, please help with what im going through

Hi John,

I don't think there is anything wrong with you, I don't think you are gay either.

Sometimes when we have been in the same pattern, trying new things can be exciting and exhilarating - that can be trying things such as cum eating, penetration and cock sucking, etc

It is a natural part of human behaviour - we adapt to certain things and when we can change them it can be very exciting. Especially when it is considered to be taboo.

It is normal to want to try new things, it's a part of life.

Curiosity is a normal part of human behaviour.

If this is something you enjoy, then go for it and try them, try new things. It can make sex more exciting and enjoyable.

Don't worry about thinking you could be gay, you are just curious and want to try new things. Perfectly normal.  

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Toby Fuller


I can help with your questions about coming out, dealing with people after coming out, relationships and how to handle the community with being gay and dealing with life after and before coming out, the thing is that, you don't need to do any of this alone.


Being a gay male myself, I have already experienced coming out, having to deal with family, friends, the world etc. I have dated before and have had bad experiences that I would like other people to avoid. Also trying to deal with school while I was there.

I have a degree in English Literature and Mass Communications

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