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So background,

I am 23, live in Australia -have been out since 17 and I have always been proud of who I am and loved meeting people in the gay community.

I have gone to clubs and seen drag shows and I loved them, funny, entertaining and a good show to watch.

I have recently been doing some research into drag, I don't know if you have shows with drag queens where you live or if you can help me, but any advise would be so welcome.

I have a curiosity about doing drag, I mean I did once - wore a dress and wig for halloween for some fun but I have seen some shows and it has stirred an interest in me about doing a drag show, i like the idea of entertaining and telling jokes as a funny over the top drag persona. i have discussed it briefly with my boyfriend and he has just sort of laughed at it and brushed it off.

I guess what I am asking is, should I look into it further or just do it on the odd costume party? Also does it make me super fem if I do drag?

I don't know if you can help, but any advise is welcome.

Hey there Drew!

Apologies for the late reply, it was a long weekend in my country.

I had a dear friend who have been dragging for many years, performing in shows in clubs around my country.  He was in his early twenties when he started it and 'retired' from it when the gay scene took a lull in recent years.  In the week he worked as a carpenter at a local wood-warehouse and factory, but weekends you could find him on the stage at many clubs, singing, or just hanging with friends.  He never went to clubs as a guy, always in drag.

You see, dragging is, for one thing, not 'dressing up and wearing a wig'.  It's a statement of who you are, inside, brought to the outside.  It's a definition of what you want the world to know about you, to tell them you are not a afraid of the real you :-)

So you answer all your questions, is it too fem?  Ask my butch carpenter friend!  Should you pursue it?  Only if this is what you feel inside, something you need to get out.  Should you 'perform' with it, or just drag and go out?  It depends on if you have the kind of personality to be on stage.

I have known a few drag queen friends, and they would tell you 'honey, it's a beast you need to let out or it will consume you one day' ;-)

I hope I could shed some light on your decisions, Drew, please just don't call yourself Drewscilla!


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