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I'm well aware that being gay is difficult enough as it is for normal people. But I was wondering if it's in fact true that things are even worse for a person whose both gay and autistic? If so, why exactly, is it because communication with other people is a difficult thing for those who suffer from autism?

It only stands to reason that if someone is struggling with their same-sex attraction, that is going to make life more difficult. Also, if someone is autistic, that too brings its own set of challenges. When both conditions are present, it's logical to conclude that this only compounds struggles of socializing and normalizing with society. However, as is the case with anyone, regardless of their challenges or lack of such, the degree to which we struggle with socializing varies greatly depending upon the support system we have in place, including how accepting and supportive our families are, the extent and makeup of our circle of friends, and access to a formal support network, such as counseling, programs and educational opportunities.

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