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I see a very attractive woman at work and I try to romantically fantasize (in bed,etc) about her and me & its difficult to do unlike with some guys I see.
I am uninterested in those 'bedroom performance' ads.
Also,when I look at naked pictures of men (hairy), it doesn't take long for me to get hard ( less than 1-2 minutes)but when I look at naked girls in Payboy, it takes several minutes longer of rubbing to get hard

Do I sound gay to you?????

Hi Jeff,

It's possible that you are gay. But my advice to people that are questioning it is to just always go with what feels comfortable for you on a personal (and sexual) level.

It may be that you are gay and are most attracted to hairy men if that is what "excites" you sexually.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. The day will come when you find someone not only sexually attractive but attractive on many levels (emotionally, etc.) and you will know in your heart it's the right fit.

If it is something that upsets you or makes you nervous I would recommend talking to a professional about your feelings and they may be able to help you resolve some of the questions and concerns you have in regard to your sexual preferences.

I know it's a bit canned to say but the best way to approach this type of problem is to follow your heart and let it play out. I suspect someday the "right" person will come along and that alone will help you to decide.  

Good luck and keep me posted!

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