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I am bi but a man who is my neighbour,I knew him a month ago that he is gay.his age will be 40-45.Now I have crush on him.I love him so much and I know he also likes me,cause he told me to shave your face you will be looking nice and when i met him he hugs me and rubbing his beard face on my face but he is not giving me much time.How can i make him love me.

Dear Sufia,

I don't have much information to base my answer on but you can't "make" someone love you.

If this man is interested in you then you should talk to him openly and let him know you have feelings for him.  If he feels the same way this will give him the opportunity to tell you how he feels.

It seems he is giving you some signals that he likes you but I don't have much information such as how old you are and what each of your situations currently are (i.e. are you both the same age, are you both single or married, etc.) These factors would change my answer.

But with the limited information you have given me I would suggest you talk to him and see what he has to say and then just take it from there.

I wish you much happiness,

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