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I heard that you can NOT get HIV through oral sex between 2 gay men even if the semen is swallowed provided that the reciever doesn't have any open mouth sores?

Is this true & would canker sores count?

I've been getting emails from this guy that I used to work with& he said things like "he feels like he's not living the life he wants to sexually & maybe a spell would help" so I contacted a spellcaster on his behalf (stupid I know because I really think it was the spellcaster/imposter writing all these emails to me)...anyway, I wrote to the REAL person and told him if he was the one who sent me those emails (since I really wasn't sure if it was him or some imposter) & I included that part about him not living his life sexually...He emailed me back a very angrily defensive saying that he had to explain the letter to his mother....who obviously read it
My thing is what did he have to explain, he just had to say that I'm a kook...unless he really was you think I'm right or just making something out of nothing?

Hi Jeff.

It is possible to contract HIV through oral sex. It's unlikely, but entirely possible. The chances are increased if you have blood contact. If you have abrasions in your mouth (including "bleeding gums") and he has any small (possibly unnoticeable) abrasions on his penis, then possibility of infection is increased.

Personally, if I was aware of someone having HIV/AIDS, then I wouldn't risk unprotected sex of any kind, regardless or the level of risk.

A canker, if you mean mouth ulcer (we rarely use the term "canker" here), would probably increase chances of infection because it's an open sore.

I'm more concerned you're referring to a chancre. If he has a chancre (a painless sore on his penis or other contact area), then by no means should you touch it as they are a symptom of primary syphilis. Syphilis can be treated with penicillin, but in the third stage (which can occur up to 30 years later) it can cause serious organ and brain damage as well as be passed on to any children you might have causing deformities.

Personally, I wouldn't put my trust in a "spellcaster". Everyone is entitled to their own spiritual beliefs, but I would be cautious about placing a large amount of trust in a "spellcaster", especially when his or her "knowledge" can directly affect you or the lives around you.

The person you're talking about might have serious issues with his sexuality. You have to be careful about sending notes or emails or making phone calls regarding these issues as everyone and their families react differently. I was very lucky and had a very open-minded and accepting family, but a lot of gay men have families who are, unfortunately, angry or upset by their sexuality.

Hope this helps,

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