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So, I like this guy and he does too, but I'm confused about something. So let's say that you and the guy  have kissed, and had sexual experiences with each other, and one day you're having a conversation with him, getting to know each other  a little and about school, and he says "I think this guy likes you. Would you go and talk to him?" And you reply by saying something like "No, I would still talk to you." He replies "Great answer." Does anyone know why a guy would ask that? I'm a little curious about it. Also, I've overheard him raging a little to a friend about a person taking his phone. When I told him "We have yet to text or call.", during the conversation, he told me the same thing. I asked him if we'll keep in contact, and he shaked his head "yes". Should I be worried, about him not contacting me again, based on these circumstances? And if that question of his has any significance? I'm a little insecure about him never contacting me again.

Hi Thomas

I think his comment demonstrates his own insecurity about your relationship. He is wondering if you'd drop him for someone you're more interested in, and you reassured him that you wouldn't, which is what he was hoping to hear. I don't think you have any reason to fear he won't keep in contact with you. Sounds like he's as into you as you are to him.

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