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I am more or less asexual, not gay, but am curious about one thing, since I am always being bullied by heterosexuals for not being interested in sex/women. How do gays like you protect themselves against anti-gay types? I am obviously not referring to the obvious, such as use  of violence or seeking the protection of the law or choosing only to mix with other gay people. I was looking for less extreme, more effective options, such as dealing with some odious(heterosexual) beta-male in the workplace. Thing is, short of joining a monastery(lol), the last option(mixing with fellow celibates) is unrealistic for me, violence is also a bit drastic an option and unrealistic when people can form groups of bullies against a lone individual victim, and my past personal experience of authority has always been that it is innately corrupt and unwilling to genuinely help victims of crime - besides, bullying can be quite subtle if done by sociopaths who wish to stick within the law. Any suggestions welcome!

Hi Edwin

Several things. For one, you just have to be proud of who you are. Others don't get to determine your own self worth. When other make fun of you for any personal characteristic, you just take that characteristic as a point of pride and emphasize it even more.

Secondly, unless the person bothering me is someone I care deeply about (friend, family), why should I give a moments thought to their opinion? Seriously, they are just another 1 person out of billions, why would I care what they think just because they happen to be the person in front of me at the moment. Truth is, I don't care.

Finally, I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has a VERY strong track record of support for LGBT employees, and this is consistently reinforced from the top down, so it's not an issue in my workplace.

Hope that helps,


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