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Hope you can help me understand why this makes me delusional:

I was getting these emails from a guy that I used to work with (or a guy pretending to be said guy) writing me under a different email & saying things like "I am not living the life I want to sexually".
I mailed the real person a letter because those things that were said didn't sound like him & accidently sent it to his parents house for which his Mom read.
I told him what the guy said in his emails & started every paragraph with " Is this you" or "Do I have the real person".
He emailed me back saying that his Mom read it & he had to explain it to her & he said that he thought I was delusional.

What was to explain, like I said that everything was "Do I have the real you".....unless it was the gay part was true.

PLEASE help me understand so I don't make the same mistake again.

Hi Jeff,

I'm not sure I completely understand what happened but maybe the guy you sent the letter to (that went to his mother) wasn't the guy that was emailing you. If that were the case he may be very confused.

If it was the same guy maybe he didn't want his mother to know he was gay so he is upset about your letter going to her instead of him.

Emails and letters are never a very good way to communicate especially when something is sensitive or important. I'm not sure if this person lives close to you but my advice would be to have a conversation with him in person or on the phone. That way everything is made very clear and nothing can be read into what is being said.

He may not be out and he could have been reaching out to you to help him with that. Perhaps his mother reading the letter caused some issues for him that he is now upset about. Talk to him and see if you can clear it all up.

I hope this helps. I didn't feel like I had enough information to truly help you but I did my best given what I could read in your question.

Remember, open and honest conversations are always the best way to communicate.
Best wishes,

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