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JC wrote at 2009-11-18 23:11:28
I am confidant that Benjamin is in fact an erroneous reference  to Binny. There are a great many Binny Colvins. One of them is Edward Binny Colvin who was born in Calcuta, India, married to Marie Caroline Duc formerly of Bordeaux, France in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 8 July 1875, soon after moved to Blackmans, Barbados and may have retired to Britain circa 1895. The Binny Colvins and Rycroft Colvins are related by this rule; the first son of a Rycroft is a Rycroft, the second son of a Rycroft is a Binny, the first son of a Binny is a Binny. There are exceptions to the rule but it generally holds.

It is rumoured that Edward Binny Colvin was Lt Gov of Bengal although there is no reference to him in East India Co records. There are references to this family in a book entitled "Gunrunners of Bengal". It is also rumoured that he was related to Ragnar Colvin, First Sea Lord in the British Navy during World War 2. Possibly, Ragnar was Edward Binny's nephew.

jc wrote at 2009-11-19 00:09:01
A book called "John Russell Colvin: The Last Lieutenant-Governor Of The North-West Under The Company" by Auckland Colvin will fill in a lot of gaps possibly. James Binny Colvin (b 1768)is the younger brother of Alexander Colvin. He married Maria daughter of William Jackson in Calcutta in 1802. Their fourth son was John Russell Colvin (29 May 1807), subject of the book and father of the author who was also a Lt Gov of the northwest provinces of India and later of Burma.  

carl wrote at 2011-03-22 15:20:42
i have a 5 page ships letter from B D Colvin calcutta to B D COLVIN broad st. london dated 1830.starts dear this a family link?

jc wrote at 2012-01-09 02:05:36
Yes, that letter is related. Two branches of the family (cousins) operated the Calcutta and London (Broad Street) ends of the business. Bazett David Colvin is most likely the addressee.

Sandy (Alexander) is a name that occurs several times in the family. See

I would be immensely interestd in obtaining a scanned copy of the letter you mention. Is that possible?

Tom Colvin wrote at 2014-08-07 15:34:35
Anna Maria Colvin was the daughter of James Colvin (5 Mar 1768 - 29 May 1847, founder of Messrs. Colvin, Bazett & Co of London & Calcutta) and Maria Jackson (1778 - 1834).

Anna Maria was born 26 Nov 1804; married 14 Feb 1822 Sir Robert Colquhoun Bt (born 1786; died 1838) Controller of the Royal household.  She died in Basingstoke 20 Sep 1867.

Her elder brother was John Russell Colvin, (29 May 1797 - 9 Sep 1857); Lt-Governor of the NW Provinces of the East India Company, buried in Agra.


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