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I had a great uncle named Jim Press Meriwether or Merriweather. On Aug 22, 1935 he got beat by the mob and killed for starting up a local sharecroppers union in lowndes county alabama. He was mention in several books. hammer and hoe, bloody lowndes and various articles,newspapers. He was born in 1897. What I would like to know what happened to his wife Anne Mae Meriwether. I read her sworn testimony The Rural Worker Dec 1935 about her. She had a daughter 7yrs old at the time.What happened to the daughter also. I dont know when Annie Mae was born? Today Annie Mae meriwether picture is hanging up in the brooklyn museum taking by photographer Consuela Kanaga.

This is a very interesting family to research.  I have checked all my resources and there is so little information that it looks like someone is trying to hide Jim Press Meriwether. has a copy of "Alabama Deaths and Burial Index 1881-1974" which lists Jim as the son of Albert and Bittie Meriweather and that he is divorced.  I don't know if this is true or not but that way there is no listing of a wife.  I checked the previous census #1930# and cannot find any people that would be Jim, Annie and a child.  I then searched the 1940 census and again, no one seems to match up with Annie or her child.

On the internet I did see a reference to a Gray family and there is a Georgia Meriweather Gray in Lowndes, Alabama about this time.  I also read the references that you mentioned and wonder if this is only Annie's child and not Jim's.  

I am so sorry I cannot help you further.  If you come upon further information, especially the daughter's name or Annie's maiden name, please write again.  There might be further information if you can get someone to search in Lowndes County.

Good luck.


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