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i had a serious talk today with a young lady, and i felt rather embarassed when talking about genes and chormosomes and how as time progresses the interacial relationships producing such beautiful newborns could result in a depletion of the genes or cause some kind of dissablite as orriginal genes more so deplete. ive been looking across the web but i still have not found a site in which to prove neither true or false to my statesments as siad above if any truth lyes in what i bring forth please bring them to my attention. thank you

Hi Clayton,
Sorry that discussing things with young people embarrassed you.
I am by no means an expert of genetics, but if you are asking whether interracial  relationships  will reduce the gene pool, then i think it is much more likely to be the opposite.
You only reduce the gene pool by preventing wider input, not by allowing it.  Some farming is suffering in this way because the faming practices are limiting the available exterior genetics to be introduced.  thus if you only want brown cows and never cross them with any other breed, then the gene pool of the brown cows will be weakened and they may not survive.
For a healthy race the introduction of exterior genes if pretty important.  It really has little do do with race or colour.
Take a look at Wikepedia on the subject of genes. Complicated, but that will describe things much netter than i can.

Trust this helps.



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