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I have an old wedding album dating back to the 40's. Are there any places that I can get it rebound and the photographs retouched. I live in Charleston SC
Carol B.

Hello Carol,

I wish that i could help more, but since I live in Scotland and you live in Charleston SC, then I am assuming that you will know what is available there better than I do.

I would search on Google for photographic restorers in your area. And also for book binders.  

I am assuming that these are most likely color photos, but what do you mean by 'retouching' ?  Slightly damaged, faded? These things can be dealt with, but do bear in mind that it can also be costly.   If you lived here, or I there, then I would be happy to take a look for you, but can do no more.

If you have any specific questions about the restoration do let me know, but I do know that there are experts on that subject on your side of the pond

Very best wishes



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