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Greetings Nancy Janyszeski -

On my mother's deathbed (in 2004), she disclosed to my sister and to my youngest brother's ex-wife that my youngest brother's father was not the man she was married to.  My father (her husband) died in 1987.

Two important questions:

1.   How should that fact (my youngest brother's unknown father) be entered in Family Tree Maker?
2.   It seems to me that because the youngest brother's ex-wife was told, as well as my sister, that he (youngest brother) should be told.  So, should he (my youngest brother) be told of the fact that his father is unknown?  

I appreciate any guidance/help you can provide.

Jon Bond

Jon - this is a personal decision.  

I personally think that EVERYONE, if possible, has the right to know their parentage. That is what genealogy is all about finding and knowing our heritage.  Your brother has the right to know all of his family and that heritage.

Having said that - this is a very difficult decision and I understand that.

You can enter the correct father for your brother very easily in Family tree maker by adding an additional spouse (even though he really wasn't) to your mother.

Good luck.



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