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Hello Peter- I wanted to touch base on the outcome of my visit back east to my "bio-dad's" sister. Due to various circumstances I felt compelled to forge ahead with "my way" of just knocking on her door. She had family there with her. . Believe it or not it was the best way-especially in this situation. We had a wonderful two-day visit and found some very commonalities between the stories that were told to me by my mother (deceased) and the events of her brother (although he deceased in 1988).  We agreed to a swab DNA test and have kept in touch. Unfortunately the results just came in and were heartbreaking--I'm wondering if I could be interpreting them wrong (after all she would be my aunt, not my Dad).  How close could they be?  Was hoping you could direct me to someone that could interpret the results. I will call the company Monday.  I can't bring myself to call "my aunt".  I'm sure she feels the same way.

Hello Melody,

Glad that the meeting worked out for you.  Knowing America I suspect that cold calling might be more accepted. We in the Uk might be a little less happy about it.

However, to your query about the DNA. I am by no means an expert on this subject, but are you saying that the results show that your Aunt is your Dad,  That is obviously wrong, although it could simply mean that there is a genetic connection, which of course there would be.

Calling the company that did the test is obviously the first thing to do, and I would be very pleased to know what they say. If you still cannot make sense of it do let me know and I will try to find the answer elsewhere.  


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