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Genealogy/determining type of cousin relationship


I just found out that one of my long time friends has cousins with my wife's maiden name.  We determined that his aunt (on his mothers side) used to be married to my father-in-law's brother. My friend and I have no common ancestors that we are aware of, only this link through the cousins. Does that make my friend and I any sort of relative?

Hi, that's why I'm so glad the sites like do this for me.  There's a site which I like that will answer your question I hope.

Sounds to me as if you are "sort of relatives".

Hope this helps.


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L. Handiboe


For about 15 yrs., I have been "specifically" attempting to do some of my "own" family research. I have been concentrating on the Southeast US and certain "surnames" maybe I can help a few people. Especially perhaps in the DC/VA/NC/MD states-going back to in some cases the 1700s.


I have been doing research in the VA/MD/DC/NC area's of the US.
I also, have been doing some -research on certain "Old Virginia" families.

Southern Heritage


Self-taught, whereas genealogy is concerned.

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