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Hi there,

My father Alan Greensill's side (I believe through his mother) has Boyce as a family name. My father stated that it is our Scottish side.

Also my father's Mother: Iris Caldwell Dad guesses it's an Irish name which makes sense since my father shared a document stating:

That in 1888 on the 23rd of Dec  in Carricaholten George Caldwell was born, Robert Caldwell is his father also from the same location (Carricaholten), Robert's wife is Margaret Caldwell and formerly known as: Dunlop. George was a Farmer. The signature of the Registrar was Love. The Births were registered in the District of Killeter in the Union of Castlederg in the County of Tyrone. For some reason the Date is 8th May 1946 (perhaps a birth certificate copy was ordered later). Hopefully this helps as an area to expand on.

I have also read from websites that Caldwell is a Scottish and English surname. Iri's mother's maiden name (my Great grandmother) was a Hayes which I have read is Scottish, English and Irish but would like to find out if the Hayes in my family is from all three ethnic backgrounds or that it originates from 1 or 2/3. (My father's father's (Grandpa's) name is Murray Greensill).

Any assistance with genealogy e.g. how to find linkages between people any tips for research etc in genealogy through resources i.e. apps, books and websites, suggestions perhaps on how to work my way backwards from recent to past and look at other information etc, would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance, I really do appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Hautai Greensill


As your grandfather was born in Ireland your search will have to start there irrespective of where you think the surnames of your family originate. There was lots of travel between Ireland and England/Scotland over the centuries but you have to search your own family and not surnames.  You would need to employ an Irish researcher as I only undertake research in Scotland. Irish research is more difficult than other research in the UK but researchers from there will be able to help.  The only name I have is Joan Phillipson ( who is based in Belfast.  Prior to 1922 Ireland was one country and all records were kept in Dublin.

Another way of doing research is to post a family tree chart on as often other people are researching the same family as yourself and you can exchange views. Do not expect an instant response but over time someone might find your tree and note a connection. You have to subscribe to this website.  I have noted mention of George Caldwell with parents Robert and MArgaret Dunlop on someone else's family tree.  With a subscription for this site you can also search lots of other records but you will only be able to search indexes and not see any original certification apart from census. The census returns for Ireland were all destroyed and only the 1901 and 1911 exist. This is very sad loss as they would have been very useful in keeping track of families down the generations. I know as my grandmother was Irish and it has been quite difficult and time-consuming to find information. More and more is becoming digitised which is why it is important to use a local researcher.

I hope this helps and wish you success with your search.




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