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Hi there,

I've been interested in my fathers side of the Family which I do not know much about.
His mothers Maiden name was Iris Caldwell
His mothers family names:

His father is Murray Greensill

I would like to know how to start and work my way through in research to find links and what are the best valid and reliable research tools e.g. books, apps, websites, methods e.g. birth & death certificate etc and where to find the databases and buildings that hold this information. Specific words put into the search tab/field etc.

I have tried finding the origins of the family names and the family crests and coats (haven't looked at guilds yet, not sure if there are other forms of family representation other than memorial sports days and awards) and find that there are different ethnic origins and meanings to the Surname and different coats under the same name, and I want to know how to distinguish the one or more that are relevant to my family as I understand some Surnames are the same e.g. Caldwell but the  two people aren't related.

I have mentioned to Dad DNA testing through his paternal line however he wants to know advantages and disadvantages and there seems to be major disadvantages putting our privacy at risk e.g. Insurance companies test a sample and find genetic defects which outline health conditions and use it against us. I understand I could request that immediately after testing the DNA is destroyed however how can a person be sure that the information won't get taken by others or copied and sent electronically etc? And that the DNA is not misused e.g. genetically modified.

Your wisdom would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hautai Greensill :)

Family information, especially relationships, is found through things as birth, marriage, or death records, even obituaries. You need to find what records are kept and where they are kept in your country.  Check with your local library and see if there is a local genealogical society.  They can show you where to look and what is available.
    I am not familiar with using DNA in genealogical research, though it is possible.  



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