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This isn't a genealogy question as such, but you're the closest one I could find who might know.
I live in England and I'm trying to find details of a US citizen who died last year. All I have is his name, age, approx location (NC) and approx date of death (Sept 2013). I won't go into details just yet in case you can't help, but if you can or know how I can find out how, when and where he died.
I can confirm this is not for any nefarious purpose; I am a member of an online history discussion group, the person mentioned above was a member who last posted in Sept 2013, then we heard in January 2014 that he'd died some months previously.    

ANSWER: I need full name, age and all info you may have (especially if it's a common name) i.e., place of birth.

I'll check the SSDI records.  You also, MAY wish to go to and "join" FREE. they would usually have death records-SSDI if it's been a year.
At, you'd just type in the person's name and go down the list.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply.
His name is Sean O'Dea (hopefully that's his real name, not his internet identity !), he was born in Northern Ireland in 1961 and became a US citizen, I think, in the 1990s. He died aged 52 sometime after 5 September 2013 in North Carolina (?).

I didn't find a death record for this person, rhough if it were late in 2013, it may not have shown up yet- in the places I was looking.

I found a few items with that name, you may find of interest.  Also, this oerson appears to be on a few "social networks", go to  and type in his name for images, etc.  (There may be "clue's" there.)

A couple things I found at

United States Obituary Collection about Brett Dea
Name of Deceased: Brett Dea
Death Date: 21 Jan 2012
Obituary Date: 25 Jan 2012
Newspaper Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
Childrens' Names: Justine O'Dea and Sean O'Dea
Siblings' Names: Harold (Suzie) O'Dea

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United States Obituary Collection about Christopher F. Topolski
Name of Deceased: Christopher F. Topolski
Death Date: 9 May 2011
Obituary Date: 11 May 2011
Newspaper Title: Buffalo News
Newspaper Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Parents' Names: Jennifer (nee Voltman) Sutton and the late Robert Topolski
Siblings' Names: Sean O'Dea and Justine O'Dea

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rish Independent Newspaper Obituaries: May 2001-June 2002 about Bridie Corless
Surname: Corless
ID: 682
Date: 1 Sep 2002
Given: Bridie
Maiden Name: Keane
Spouse: Michael J.
Siblings: Joe, Sean, Mary, Anne Calvey and Frances O'Dea
Parents: John and Delia Keane
Area From: Kinvara, Co. Galway
Internment: Mount Cross Cemetery

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