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Genealogy/Cone surname in the Carolinas and its relationship to Mulatto peoples in the 1800s


Rosa Lee Hill
Rosa Lee Hill  
Hello I am searching for possible Amerindian ancestry from an ancestor said to have been born on a reservation?
I know apearance is not always reliable when determining ancestry but I was wondering if anyone thought the photo of grandmother show any possible Native ancestry?
Does she look possibly part native ?

I have been using ancestry.comto find records on her parent Annie Smith & Johnnie Hill (of Thomasville Georgia)
I believe I have found her fathers possible parent John L Hill (Hilts)and Lettie(Nettie) Hill (of Thomasville Georgia).
I eventually find a record for a Nettie Cone - age 6 mulatto. The whole family if mulatto mother and father are both mulatto.

Nettie(Lettie) parents are from Virginia in one record and then another records says South Carolina.

Annie Smith(my grandmothers mother) parents are reportedly Lanie Smith and Perrie Smith (of Thomasville Georgia).

My father died when I was young so did not get to know alot about him or his family. He spoke to my mother about one of his grandmothers or great grandmothers being born on a Indian reservation and being extremely poor and only going to about the 3 grade or so. He didn't state which tribe or what exact place she came from he didn't say weather this was a paternal or maternal family member.

I have asked his half brother who claims that their fathers mother was supposedly part Amerindian but I can't find any proof of that.
My fathers half brothers cousin claimed she was Cherokee in which I take with a grain of salt since the Cherokee grandmother tale is quite common in the south.

possible Native American ancestry in the Carolinas area early 1800s with the surename Cone?
I got curious when I found two generations of mulatto families in Thomasville Georgia everyone in the house is listed as mulatto but later census black.

Johnnie Hill - Birth 1889 - location , Thomasville THOMAS County Georgia.
John L Hilts (Hill) & Nettie Cone are his parents- Thomasville Georgia
Nettie Cone (race: Mulatto) born 1867 in Georgia both are her parent are from South Carolina.
Lizzie Cone (race: mulatto) born 1838 in South Carolina.Lizzie is the mother of Nettie - Lettie - Bettie
Ephrim Cone (race: mulatto) born 1835 in South Carolina. He is the father of Nettie.

Ephrim mother is is Tabitha (Tabby)Cone she is in one record born in South Carolina and in another record born in North Carolina in 1810.
Tabby is mulatto and then black .

Does anyone know of any European surnames in the Carolinas ascosiated with American Indian groups
Like the Lumbee, Catawba,Saponi, and Cherokee.

I had a genetic report done called Prometheus and it stated that I had rate gene associated with Native American Myopathy.

Is the cone surname related to any Indian groups in the Carolinas.

I found a person on geneweb with a similar plight , their Cone family are all mulatto from the Carolinas also but they had rumors of Cherokee heritage but the person said they personally thought they were Hawali Saponi instead

My advice is to check the website of the Board of Certification of Geneaologists.  I believe they have resources for Native American research.  They certify searchers in that area.  Another source would be the Family Research Department of the Mormon Church.


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