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Hello Michael.
I'm looking for a downloadable family tree template on the internet. Those I've seen so far have "myself" at the bottom and work up neatly two by two into the past.
I want to create a family tree for a local notable family starting with a married couple at the top working downwards through seven generations or so. Also, unlike templates I've seen, I'd like to show second (and in some cases third) marriages, there doesn't seem to be any available that will allow for a second marriage to be shown.   
Does such a template exist, or will I have to resort to good old fashioned pen and ruler to create my own ?

It is rather difficult to use a pre-printed template for descendants because you have issues like multiple marriages or differing numbers of children that make any standard template insufficient.  Typically, if you see a descendants chart, it is in the form of a list so that these variations can be accommodated.

You may want to try an online site called, which will let you enter the information you want, then generate a tree from that information.  You might also want to consider a flow chart program, since that would allow you to design you own tree rather easily.  If you use Google Apps, there is a free flow chart program called LucidChart Diagrams.

For other ideas, you may find this helpful:

- Mike


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