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I am researching my Grandpa's family in Dickinson County,MI. My grandpa was Oscar Boone born January 28 1901 in Norway,MI. His parents Louis and Mary were born in Belgium and came to America in the early to mid 1890's. Grandpa had 3 siblings that lived to adulthood. Dominic (or John Dominic) born 1898/99 died 1940's, Ferdinand born abt 1903? died 1972 and Alice born 1915...married Roger Treves 1935ish in Dickinson County and died in 1981. All except my grandpa died in Dickinson County. What I need to find is the following:

1.) Grandpa was married to Anna DeCook in 1924 in Waukesha,WI. I find their Divorce record from 1934 on Ancestry which gives me the marriage date. I can't find anything for a marriage record in Waukesha and in 1930 Anna and Oscar are nowhere to be found...they would've had atleast one child with them named Louis...another child would be Philip if born in time for the census. 1920 Oscar is single and living at home in Norway,MI. 1940 Oscar is back in Norway with Ferdinand, Divorced. Anna is married to Charles Dausey in another township and Her three children with Oscar (Louis, Philip and Betty) are living with her parents. The last record I see of her being married to Oscar is an article from the Escanaba paper in 1931 stating that she was missing and that Grandpa and her father Theophil DeCook went to WI to see the body of a Murder Victim that matched her description in Shawano,WI. It obviasly wasn't her but her second husband Charles Dausey is mentioned in the article as knowing where she is. They were in May 1934...she divorced Oscar in April of that same year. I guess what I'm trying to find is what happened to them between 1924 and 1934. I do have Oscar and Ferdinand in the Waukesha,WI city directory in 1929 were wives listed in the directory if living the same home as their husbands?

Dominic was married to an Opal A. in 1930 but divorced by 1940. All I know about this Opal is what is said in the 1930. She was born 1901 in IL. Mother born in IL and father born in NC. Before and after 1930 is a complete mystery for her.

My Grandma Anna Hunkins was Grandpa Oscar Boone's second wife and was 29 years younger than him. They were married Nov. 1929 in Waukesha,WI. Please help me learn about my Grandpa's life before he met Grandma!

If your grandfather got married in 1924, there would be a marriage record in the county seat where they marriage occurred.  If there's not a marriage record, they were married elsewhere.  Regarding details of your grandfather Boone, check city directories for residences and also tax and voter lists.  If he went to church, check church records, and if he was part of a civic organization,  there'd be membership information or possible data from their minutes.


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