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Hi there
Wonder if you might be able to help? I am trying to trace some Sampey relatives for my uncle (complex family history!!) and I am trying to find his two half sisters and wondered if you had any info at all or could help. His father was Alexander William Sampey born 1909. His two sisters were born in the late 1930s I believe and lived in Kenya as well as london
Many thanks for any and all help  

Ingar Maris Sonja Sampey was born about 1937 and Desiree Juna Mares Sampey about 1938.  The last time I found them in London was in 1959.  Desiree was living with her mother and Ingar was living elsewhere.  I can find no birth, marriage, or death certificates for either.

You might have to check with the Kenyan Embassy to see if there is anyway you can check records there.  I have no access to them.

Your uncle must be Richard, whom I have met.  Also think it was his son, Tim, who came to my place once for dinner.  

I am now back in the US so please tell them "hello" for me.  Sorry I could not have better news for you.


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